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Product philosophy

The raison d’être of Owen Stitch is to ‘built to last’, which is the cornerstone of the product philosophy. We define ‘the best’ as products that are functional, durable, simple, easy to care for, authentic, thoroughly tested, and that provide added value and don’t cause unnecessary harm.

Our way

The process of creating an ethical product is not something to be improvised. At Owen Stitch, we’ve split our product development process into four phases: Realization, Sourcing strategy, Design, Scale.

This allows us to address every issue and to incorporate every lesson learned since our beginnings. As with anything of value, our process is always a work in progress. But the foundation of it is steady and has proven to be one of our biggest strengths.

1. Realization

Does product has a place in this world? (Thinking deeply, and looking into 🔥)

2. Sourcing strategy

How we source ethical materials? What will be the impact?

3. Design

Can we design built to last?

4. Scale

How do we develop a sustainable production process?

Should we find any doubt in any phase? Nope, we won't build it. Period.

Our product philosophy is restrictive, but, as with our environmental concerns, the bias toward simplicity and utility helps keep us focused on intended use.
It also makes Owen Stitch product identifiable; if you were to take the logo off, you can still see it’s ours.

The challenge is always to push ourselves outside our comfort zone, to try something new within the limits, or at the edge of the limits we set for ourselves.

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