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Ethical sourcing

Ethical sourcing is a sustainable and conscious approach to supply chain management, sourcing, and logistics. It is a process based on a selective partnership strategy. It stands on a transparent bilateral agreement on an environmental and social level.

Ethical sourcing allows us to make products based on radical transparency and authenticity. But the process as such is never finished. Every material, process, or shipping route or requires ongoing care. Our products may one day become the best thing out there, but that perfection is fleeting, and stagnation will harm it. Continuous improvement can keep it on top.

Environmental responsibility


Nature is our biggest source of inspiration. It’s also where we draw our materials from and where the impact of consumption is most keenly felt. No decision is taken lightly. When considering a material we evaluate its efficiency, functional qualities, chemical composition and the amount we’ll need before making a choice.

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We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our products by eliminating any unnecessary stops along the shipping route, this means no middlemen, no layovers, and no warehouses in between. We created a holistic sustainable logistics plan minimizing on-road freight and avoiding air freight.

And yes, a group of Owen Stitch renegades, must have small to no real impact. But still, we had to try and find out what is possible. Moreover, who would not want to load pallets of leather onto a train, argue with customs officers in Russia and guard the transport of precious material across the Transsiberian railway network.

Supply chain

Our supplier partnerships become passion projects when they are rooted in mutual respect. Partner suppliers understand that for us, acting in their best interest goes hand in hand with caring for our products. Owen Stitch comes with patient listeners who are ready to discuss, to try, to do the inconceivable—and we’re happy to go above and beyond like this when we know that the other side does the same.

On an ethical sourcing journey, things will sometimes go wrong—and can go wrong on both sides. Working as a united team of people who trust each other means avoiding the blame game and spending that precious time looking for a sustainable solution.

We have developed (and still refining) the Supplier Code of Conduct for Owen Stitch suppliers. Our Code of Conduct applies to every level of our supply chain. This contract is binding, but it should not invalidate empathy.

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Social responsibility

Fair working conditions

It takes a lot of sweat and time to produce raw materials as many people are involved in this long process. It is our responsibility to make sure that every single one of them works under fair conditions. No matter if they are a shepherd farmer in Mongolia, a machine operator in Japan, or a designer in Prague.

Our Code of Conduct applies to every level of our supply chain. It outlines our policies on the following topics:

Law and code compliance
Child labor
Forced labor
Harassment, abuse and disciplinary practices
Freedom of association and collective bargaining
Employment relationship
Wages and benefits
Overtime wages
Hours of work
Health and safety

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