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Five reasons to choose
Mongolian full grain leather

Cowhide leather is a genuinely extraordinary material with a rich, more than 7000-year history. But nowadays, most of the leather comes from slaughterhouses and farms where cows live in tiny spaces and inhumane conditions.

Today, there are only a handful of places left where this material can be sourced ethically. We think we have found one, and here are five reasons to choose Mongolian full grain leather.

1. Leather without slaughterhouses

Our Mongolian full grain leather is sourced directly from the plateau steppe, where Turano cows live their entire life in symbiosis with a nomadic family. Their life ends when circumstances demand it, usually in autumn, when the nomadic family is preparing for a harsh and long winter.

Ethical leather, Etická kůže, Owen Stitch

2. Full grain: keeping the leather in its original state

Full grain means that leather is not brushed, polished, or undergoes any other process to remove naturally occurring imperfections. It is the first layer of leather, which gives it breathability, strength, and durability.

Ethical leather, Etická kůže, Owen Stitch

3. Vegetanble tanned: organicaly produced

No synthetic processing on huge production lines that use a lot of water and consume a lot of energy. But the traditional 2500-year old vegetable tanning method. The process eliminates toxic substances and rests on plant tannins from bark and plant tissues.

Ethical leather, Etická kůže, Owen Stitch

4. The toughness of steppe land and mountains

Due to the altitude and the cold climate, our cows live in an extreme continental climate with long, cold winters and short summers. This mighty environment is their home, which is why they are so resilient and their leather of the highest quality. If there is a better place to source ethical leather, we have not found it yet.

5. Leaving positive impact

We are committed to donating 5% of every sale to protect the environment and help unserved communities thrive in places where we sourced our materials.

Ethical leather, Etická kůže, Owen Stitch

Closing consideration

Selecting ethical material goes hand in hand with consideration for its care. If you are interested in how to care for full grain leather, then read on: How to care for full grain leather.

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